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The next step in fleet management is video telematics. Telematics data might not be enough to reconstruct what happened on the road, so this is where video telematics becomes handy! For example, if an accident occurs, a video can literally show you what really happened whilst GPS data alone might not be enough. Modern camera
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  For four consecutive years, HandsOn Fleet has been an indispensable tool for fleet managers and dispatchers at AST – the public transport operator in Sicily. Operating more than 500 buses, Azienda Siciliana Trasporti S.p.A relies on HandsOn’s vehicle telematics solution installed onboard every bus so as to achieve total control over its operations.     
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GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Solution GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Solution
A vehicle telematics system mixes telecommunications, informatics, electrical engineering, computer science and vehicle technology. Collecting and transmitting vehicle data to improve and enhance fleet management and driver understanding has become indispensable. Tracking your fleet of vehicles can literally save your business! According to Statisa, the size of the global connected car fleet is projected to
Workforce Management System for Field Workers in Malta
Task Master has just been launched in Malta and other countries including Italy and Tunisia. Task Master is a powerful cloud-based task management software for companies that employ field workers. The idea behind Task Master is to help small to medium businesses to reduce or eliminate paperwork and assign jobs on the fly to the field worker
HandsOn Systems GPS tracking solutions
HandsOn Systems was one of the main sponsors at a conference organised by Navis and hosted by Malta Freeport Terminals at the Hilton Conference Centre in Malta. The conference was organised for all the EMEA Navis users and it was a great opportunity to network, share best practices and collaborate with the Navis product experts
Motors Inc. Ltd, the official distributor of renowned automotive brands, including Jeep, Kia, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Iveco, Abarth and Hyundai, has entered into an agreement with HandsOn Systems, an international technology company specialising in GPS tracking, usage-based insurance, RFID asset tracking and task management software. As part of this partnership, Motors Inc. Ltd clients can