Thursday, 13 August 2020 / Published in News

Melita Limited today announced that it is investing in Maltese technology company HandsOn Systems. The investment will enable HandsOn to extend its product portfolio and to pursue international expansion.

HandsOn Systems specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and provides three key products; Fleet management, Asset tracking through RFID, and an innovative Usage-Based Insurance solution. The company offers its services primarily in Malta but already has customers in Italy, Africa and the Middle East. Through its brand, Melita acts as an IoT connectivity platform to local as well as European technology companies

Geoffrey Farrugia, CEO at HandsOn Systems, said: “This investment will assist our growth plans, particularly internationally where there are clear synergies between our solutions and Melita’s connectivity. The unique customer portal which provides for their IoT customers is easy to use, and very effective, enabling us to manage multiple clients’ projects both locally and internationally.”

Melita provides its international IoT services through, which provides clients with a dedicated portal giving a high degree of control, safety, and transparency to users. Features include SIM visibility, naming, management, and cost control, as well as automatic triggers and notifications of data usage and SIM status. APIs can be embedded into the platform providing data from thousands of sensors directly into a business’s own application or CRM system.

Harald Roesch, Melita CEO said: “We believe that IoT will be a key enabler of Malta’s future growth, which is why we have invested significantly in IoT infrastructure in Malta, deploying a nationwide NB-IoT network combined with a dedicated IoT connectivity platform. Melita’s focus is on its connectivity expertise which we use to enable companies like HandsOn to provide end-to-end solutions to end customers. We view this investment in HandsOn Systems as another way in which we can support the development of Malta and its technology talent”

Further information on IoT connectivity services from Melita is available at

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 / Published in News
HandsOn is very pleased to form part of SATMET project. SATMET (Situation Awareness and Traffic Management for Engineless Taxiing) aims at improving the way airports operate.
The project targets aircraft taxiing between the terminal gate and the runway whereby currently aeroplanes use their main engines to carry out this. This is very energy inefficient and costly apart from creating a lot of noise and air pollution.
SATMET focuses on achieving engineless taxiing. This is achieved through autonomous tow trucks (tugs) which tow aircraft between the terminal gates and the runway. Through the use of multiple sensors like GPS, cameras and LIDAR technology tugs can automatically detect the best and safest route for each aircraft that requires towing.
HandsOn focused on the HMI aspect of the project and developed the necessary user interface that manages and controls the fleet of tow-trucks.
The project has been funded by the MCST Fusion Technology Development Programme.
Monday, 08 July 2019 / Published in News

HandsOn Systems has won a competitive public transport tender to provide GPS tracking and fleet management services to the Azienda Siciliana Trasporti SpA (AST), which operates a fleet of around 500 buses across the entire Sicilian region.

Work has started immediately and is being coordinated through a subsidiary company, HandsOn Italia SRL, that HandsOn Systems has set up with offices in Palermo, which has trained technicians who will be installing the technology in the buses in five depots spread around Sicily. These are located in Palermo, Catania, Messina, Trapani and Syracuse. Some 120 buses have had their tracking systems installed with work on schedule to install the balance by the end of July.

“HandsOn Systems has been exploring opportunities to penetrate the Italian market for the past two years and is already tracking almost 2,000 vehicles, ranging from ambulances to commercial and leased vehicles,” CEO Geoff Farrugia said. “According to our market research, Sicily was a region where the major national and international players were least active.“  What was a bone for them is the meat for us. We are very much in a David and Goliath situation, with HandsOn Systems being the David. Yet, from the five bidders for the AST contract, we came first, both in terms of price, and in terms of features and capabilities.”

One of the many reasons AST wanted tracking was to ensure that the buses employed on some 120 routes across the island cover the full route, to make punctuality more transparent, and to ensure that their drivers are paid for the amount of distance they covered on the ground, ensuring a fairer system for those owner-drivers who have the longer routes. AST will be monitoring all this from its control room in Palermo, where all the reports and all the data coming in is to be processed and any action taken accordingly.

The Sicily office is to become an extension of the Malta operation since locally HandsOn Systems is experiencing huge growth and needs to maximise on the resources available. “In software, certain projects can be managed and developed remotely. So, we are not only using our Italian subsidiary to serve the market there but also to serve our market, which is close by – same region; same time zone,” Mr Farrugia said.

The Sicily contract is part of HandsOn Systems’ internationalisation drive, which has led to the opening of offices and subsidiaries in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. “We’re using this project as a launch pad, to continue making a statement that we are capable of penetrating the Italian market with a practical case study,” Mr Farrugia added. “We are now reaping the fruit of our investment over the past three years. It proves that Maltese products, our technology, and our products and services, are competitive in the international market. Also, despite our size and maybe our limited track record, we have demonstrated that we can succeed to land contracts in different countries, especially in Italy, which is quite a developed European country with quite a number of players.”

Monday, 02 July 2018 / Published in News

Aktuaris, a system of usage-based insurance using HandsOn Systems technology, is being introduced in various parts of the world. The company is working closely with several insurance companies in Bolivia through a local partner Gianfranco Gipponi Pessoa and has plans to launch Aktuaris there later on this year. “Since this concept is new to the country, we have to take our time to design marketing and educate the market and the public,” Mr. Farrugia said. “We were not only technology suppliers but also consultants.”

Aktuaris team recently went on a three-day road show visiting seven companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), based in Dubai. There was plenty of interest and the visit had a positive outcome. A number of pilot projects are also in the pipeline there.

A plug-and-play solution is being launched in the UAE since theft in this market is minimal. “It is in the interest of whoever takes out this type of insurance policy to use Aktuaris to be able to claim prizes. Although Dubai has the latest technology, many companies did not know about this concept and means of insurance,” Mr. Farrugia
added. However, most insurance companies are run by ex-pats who have heard of this type of insurance and Mr. Farrugia sees an opportunity in this region. The company has also found a strong partner there. Sivan Said, who is Maltese, runs RISC Insurance and has been successfully developing his insurance related business for quite some time. Mr. Said is also going to represent the company in its negotiations with a number of insurance companies.

Monday, 02 July 2018 / Published in News

Mr Farrugia was invited to give a Master Class during the recent international conference organised by the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation. The subject of his presentation was on how RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology can be used in the tourism sector to improve the tourist’s experience and increase the operator’s efficiency – both those working in hotels and restaurants and in the sector of tourist accommodation.

The Master Class was well attended, and Mr Farrugia received valuable feedback. Among those who attended the conference was the King of Ghana, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. Since HandsOn Systems have strong business interests in Ghana, they took the opportunity to present a portrait of the King, executed by local artists Maris Zammit. “This helped to show that we want to continue to strengthen our presence and dedication towards the Ghana market,” Mr Farrugia said.

In fact, HandsOn Systems have recently attracted investment from a Ghana businessman, Nicky Wilson of Cape3, in their subsidiary company in Ghana. “In this way, we are continuing to strengthen our presence and persist in our efforts to succeed in Ghana. Through this conference, we strengthened both the cultural aspect of Ghana in Malta and the commercial relations our company has with Ghana,” Mr Farrugia said.

Monday, 05 February 2018 / Published in News
Up-and-coming, dynamic IOT company HandsOn Systems has just launched their corporate website at, a clean, user-friendly platform that enables it to portray its current focus and penetration of the market.

This focus revolves around three key areas: GPS tracking and fleet management solutions; its user-based insurance solutions product, Aktuaris; and its RFID-based asset tracking and inventory management systems. HandsOn Systems CEO Geoffrey Farrugia said the company deployed its internal resources to develop the site, which links to several micro-sites that in turn put the spotlight on its individual product lines.

The site’s tag-line is: ‘We provide connected solutions for tomorrow’s world, today.’ Users can easily navigate the site either by scrolling down the page or accessing the buttons at the top. This is a minimalistic site that is in line with current trends to clearly indicate the areas of focus and encourage deeper dives, if necessary.

The site is mobile-friendly and can be accessed via various browsers. Visitors can register for the company’s newsletter and get all the information needed to establish that HandsOn Systems delivers every time.

Monday, 05 February 2018 / Published in News

As from last month, the system of driving licence penalty points has been applied to all drivers in Malta and not just for those who recently obtained their licence. By accumulating 12 penalty points over the period of a year for various traffic contraventions a driver will lose his licence for a period of two months. The suspension will be lengthened if a further 12 penalty points are accumulated over another period of 12 months. At the start of each year, the 12-points system will start anew.

Many fleet owners have multiple vehicles registered in their name. Fleet owners are ending up with 12 points because of their drivers. HandsOn Systems has the solution to keep track of who was driving a particular vehicle at any specific time.

HandsOn Fleet GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Solution offers a driver identification system through Ibutton or RFID technology. Through our driver identification, the vehicle can be immobilized until the driver presents his Ibutton or RFID card system.

Get in touch to learn more about how your company can benefit from our driver identification solution.